DO IT FOR UMMA in the press!

DO IT FOR UMMA in the media:

In the International Examiner: Seayoung Yim—A homegrown playwright makes her debut

In the Seattle Weekly: The 35 Arts Happenings You Must Check Out This Season

We’re in the Seattle Globalist! “Do It For Umma” reinvents Hamlet as a young, Korean-American heroine

Look, Umma! We’re on the Angry Asian Man Blog! BEWARE THE KOREAN GHOST MOM IN ‘DO IT FOR UMMA’

In the NW Asian Weekly’s Pop Culture column:
Playwright remixes Hamlet with feminist themes and lots of ajummas by Vivian Nguye

Poster design by Eddie DeHais

Tickets are on sale now!

Poster design by Evelyn DeHais
Poster design by Eddie DeHais

My very first full length production will premiere at Annex Theatre for their 29th Season!

Do It For Umma
Directed by Sara Porkalob
February 2–17 2016, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Synopsis: In the back room of a Korean convenience store, Umma returns as a ghost to shame, cajole, and needle her American born daughter, Hannah, into avenging her suspicious death. While Hannah’s older brother shirks off familial duties in favor of romantic trysts, Hannah must embark alone on a surreal mission to gain Umma’s ever-elusive approval. Featuring a chorus of ajummas and a healthy dose of revenge, Do It For Umma is an absurdist tragicomedy about the sacrifices one must make to protect their family’s honor, no matter what the cost.

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