Theatre Battery Battery Powered Series

My play A QUALITY EDUCATION has been selected for the BATTERY POWERED series at Theatre Battery!

From their facebook page:

There were a number of excellent submissions this year, and somehow we managed to narrow it down to these 3 plays that will be workshopped and presented as staged readings. Stay tuned for performance info, and we’ll see you there!

ENTER STARLIGHTER by Jessica Andrewartha (left): Jo is a college freshman who stayed close to home. This weekend she’s seeing her high school brother Josh, his best friend Sophie, and Jo’s best friend Kira, who went far away to an Ivy, all for the first time since starting college at the most awesome and explosive event of the year – Comicon. Four teens, four costumes, two hotel rooms, two crushes, a whole lot of hero worship and a web comic. What could go wrong?

DON’T CALL IT A RIOT! by Amontaine Aurore (right): Three members of Seattle’s Black Panther Party in the 1960s fight for liberation and dream of creating a better world. But as forces conspire to destroy the movement, and as their paths veer in wildly different directions, each will come to pay the price for a dream deferred.

A QUALITY EDUCATION by Seayoung Yim (center): In an elite private school, students and staff of contrasting backgrounds must each navigate their places of power… and the starting line is not the same for everyone.

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