A Quality Education Reading at Theatre Battery


My play A Quality Education was one of three plays that was workshopped and presented as a staged reading as part of Theatre Battery’s Battery Powered Reading Series at Kent Station. The reading was directed by the fabulous Lily Raabe, who asked really thought-provoking questions during the rehearsal process that helped me make revisions.

Play description: In an elite private school, students and staff of contrasting backgrounds must each navigate their places of power… and the starting line is not the same for everyone.

Susan Echols-Orton as Coral
Maya Burton as Jasmine
Mikayla Asianique Johnson as Emily
Joshua Hamilton as Kev
Alfonso Campos as Sanford
Matt Sherrill as Jonny
Annelih GH Hamilton as Elfreda
Owen Yen as Quang
Aaron Jin as Lanh
Samantha Routh as Denise

Cast of A Quality Education. Photo by Minami Furuya

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