writing is [not] live

My latest play, Golf Girl premiered at at writing is live, Brown University’s MFA Playwrights’ New Works festival in collaboration with Brown/Trinity actors and directors. You can read the script and listen to the audio excerpt here.

Golf Girl

by Seayoung Yim

directed by Carol Ann Tan

sound design by Caroline Eng

dramaturgy by Courtney Lau

Blackwolf Run Golf Course, Wisconsin. Rising star, Golf Girl retraces the path of legendary golfer, Park SeRi’s historic 1998 US Women’s Open win. She and her dedicated father, Golf Dad, have toiled her whole life for this moment, maybe even killed. But bizarre encounters on the course tempt her to consider a life outside the only game she knows. Golf Girl is a quirky contemporary fairy tale that asks, what happens after the big win and is ruthless sacrifice a worthy price to pay for it?


Jihan Haddad Golf Girl

Michael Hisamoto Golf Dad

Jenny Nguyen Nelson Ajumma

Ross Barron Golf Announcer

Sophie Zmorrod Laruelle Astrid Nilsson

Myka Cue Narrator

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