DO IT FOR UMMA in the press!

DO IT FOR UMMA in the media: In the International Examiner: Seayoung Yim—A homegrown playwright makes her debut In the Seattle Weekly: The 35 Arts Happenings You Must Check Out This Season We’re in the Seattle Globalist! “Do It For Umma” reinvents Hamlet as a young, Korean-American heroine Look, Umma! We’re on the Angry Asian Man Blog! BEWARE THEContinue reading “DO IT FOR UMMA in the press!”

The Zig Zag Festival

This year, I was honored to collaborate with theater artists: Dayo Anderson, Catherine Blake Smith, L. Nicol Cabe, Amy Escobar, and Courtney Meaker  on a project called The Zig Zag Festival, curated by Catherine at Annex Theatre. Here’s a description of the festival: Women are 51% of the population, but women playwrights write less than 15% ofContinue reading “The Zig Zag Festival”