2019 is about Dramaturgy

This year, I intentionally decided to put a pause on big playwriting projects in order to recharge and work on other aspects of theater. Like dramaturgy!  I am working on two projects:

Black Sheep by Heidi Park


It has been a pleasure serving as a dramaturg for my friend Heidi’s play!

Synopsis: Ever since you were a child, have you felt like you were the black sheep of the family? Heidi has. As the only person of color in her white adoptive family, we follow Heidi through her unlikely success at the Minnesota State Fair and her heartbreaking journey in Korea to recover her roots.

Tickets available at https://18thandunion.org/black-sheep

Everyone is welcome at our space. Our lobby space has no steps, and there’s one small step down into our theatre space, for which we have a ramp. We’re sorry to say that our bathrooms aren’t wheelchair-accessible. If possible, please use our contact form to let our staff know if you need any accessibility accommodations so we can do our best to make your time in our space as comfortable as we can.


Dramaturg-ing for Kim’s Convenience!

Screenshot 2019-04-10 17.37.40.pngRUN DATES: May 15 – June 22
AGE REC: 14+
PRICE: $27-50, dependent on day and time; fees may apply
NEW ROOTS NIGHT ON 5/24: A theatre-going group for ages 23-37

Playing at Taproot Theatre

Enter Kim’s Convenience store and meet the Kims, a loving, if imperfect, Korean family making their way in Toronto. As they face an uncertain future Appa (dad), Umma (mom), their unmarried daughter Janet and disappointing son Jung learn to see each other in a new light. This hilarious and heartwarming story reminds us that family isn’t always convenient, but it might be the best deal out there.

Tix: http://taproottheatre.org/shows/2019/kims-convenience/


Untitled Play About Institutional Racism in the Nonprofit Industrial Complex – Staged Reading


Up next is a staged reading of my play Untitled Play About Institutional Racism in the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. I have extended this play from a 30-minute version into a full-length play.

SYNOPSIS: Does anyone know anyone on the funding committee? Who wants to participate in the office weight-loss challenge? Where are we supposed to print now that the copy room is for mothers to pump? Are there enough people of color in the brochure stock photography? And who keeps eating Antonio’s organic goat yogurt he has to buy on the other side town? These questions and more pepper this delightful, disheartening satire of non-profit life.

Dramaturged by Rachel Wolfe

Directed by Sara Porkalob



(Currently sold out but there’s a waitlist!)

Date: Sun, December 16, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST


Common Area Maintenance

2125 2nd Avenue

Seattle, WA 98121


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