Persimmon Nights

Sara Porkalob (Madame Dragon) returns to Nordo to direct and star in the premiere of playwright Seayoung Yim’s sultry tale. Set during the first large scale wave of Asian American Immigration in The Persimmon Grove, a lurid nightclub, a brash young Korean immigrant rises to great heights in his ethnic enclave while balancing two lovers and many debts in the 1960s/70s. At the top of his game, he risks it all. Persimmon nights features pungent Korean food and the all-girl pop duo The Kimchi Kittens.

Press for the Cafe Nordo production

Do It For Umma

In the back room of a Korean convenience store, Umma returns as a ghost to shame, cajole, and needle her American born daughter, Hannah, into avenging her suspicious death. While Hannah’s older brother shirks off familial duties in favor of romantic trysts, Hannah must embark alone on a surreal mission to gain Umma’s ever-elusive approval. Featuring a chorus of ajummas and a healthy dose of revenge, Do It For Umma is an absurdist tragicomedy about the sacrifices one must make to protect their family’s honor, no matter what the cost.

Press for the Annex Theatre production

Press for the Theatre Off Jackson production

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