What’s happening, sort of…

It’s been a while….(cue Staind song at your peril) Grad school has been a trip, full of laughs and tears worthy of an understated reality TV season finale. The world is collectively going through a hellscape with many things, including live theatre on pause for the foreseeable future. All we have now is dread forContinue reading “What’s happening, sort of…”

Brown University Writing is Live New Works Festival

My first play production of grad school Jar of Fat will premiere at Writing is Live 2020! Leeds Theatre (83 Waterman Street)FREE (reservation required here)Writingislive.com Jar of Fat by Seayoung YimSaturday, Feb 8, 4pmSunday, Feb 9, 8pm Synopsis: In a fantastical fairytale world, two Korean American sisters are deemed too fat to fit in theirContinue reading “Brown University Writing is Live New Works Festival”

2019 is about Dramaturgy

This year, I intentionally decided to put a pause on big playwriting projects in order to recharge and work on other aspects of theater. Like dramaturgy!  I am working on two projects: Black Sheep by Heidi Park It has been a pleasure serving as a dramaturg for my friend Heidi’s play! Synopsis: Ever since youContinue reading “2019 is about Dramaturgy”

Untitled Play About Institutional Racism in the Nonprofit Industrial Complex – Staged Reading

Up next is a staged reading of my play Untitled Play About Institutional Racism in the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. I have extended this play from a 30-minute version into a full-length play. SYNOPSIS: Does anyone know anyone on the funding committee? Who wants to participate in the office weight-loss challenge? Where are we supposed toContinue reading “Untitled Play About Institutional Racism in the Nonprofit Industrial Complex – Staged Reading”